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Q & A with Graham

I hope you have enjoyed this Q & A with Graham. Do you have any questions for Graham? Comment below and let us know.


Why be wounded by people when you can healed?

Something I have noticed in all my years on this earth and in ministry; people who are most secure and confident in who God made them, aren’t easily offended. Now, don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you can’t get upset, defend what you believe in or come to the…


What is God really like?

All theology is rooted in the presence of God, and I believe are all on this journey into the very heart of God’s nature and we’re discovering that the more you learn about the Father, the more you learn about yourself.      We were made in His image after…


What’s next, Father?

Sometimes life can be so busy we lose sight of what is most important. We all need to put time into the schedule for personal reflection; time to dwell with the Lord and tune into His voice over us in this season.   Where am I going Lord? What’s next…


What aspect of His nature are you learning?

God’s nature is constant…   It is steadfast… Unchanging… Faithful… Totally committed to grace, patience and truth. These parts of His nature can be like a garment.   Wear them. Put them on. They will bring you to a place where revelation of God gives way to a revelation of…


What if an enemy could become a friend because you choose love?

Are there any relationships around your life right now that are causing you distress? Most of us have people in our lives who seem to exist solely to help us grow in grace; they are our Grace Growers.  They can be anything from a minor frustration and annoyance, to someone…


What are some of your favorite scriptures?  

I believe that God not only gives us experiences and encounters, He also gives us inheritance words. An inheritance word is when God puts a passage of Scripture on your heart, a passage that He wants you to study deeply and really live in for a period of time.   …


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