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Q & A with Graham

I hope you have enjoyed this Q & A with Graham. Do you have any questions for Graham? Comment below and let us know.

What has God delivered you from?

If you don’t know what you’re called to, look at your testimony.  Your testimony gives you automatic authority to help set people free in that very same area!   Why? Because God has set you free and that freedom is powerful enough to be catching. When you have freedom in…

A Question Of Encouragement

Think of the people around you. What does the Lord want to be for them now? What confidence, love, encouragement and assurance do they need in order to step up into a new level or place with God? Let’s talk in the comments…  How can you take action and be…

What has God got in mind for the parts of your life that are not yet working properly?

Let’s use the starting point of these three key truths, and then brainstorm below your answers. You are God’s Beloved child You are free to come to Him through Jesus and because of the Cross You have favor in our life to move with confidence into the life God wants…

What promises or prophecies have been spoken over your life?

“All prophecy kick starts a process, a series of steps that takes you from where you are now to where you’re supposed to be. The question you’ve got to ask is what kind of person do you need to become?”  SOURCE: LIVING YOUR TRUEST IDENTITY “Our goal is to get…

How do you cultivate peace in your life?

    We all have a background conversation in our minds that either feeds our fear or lifts our spirit. Stillness promotes a God consciousness. I have often found that a place of silence and stillness is where I can get a true sense of direction into God’s heartbeat for me….

God, What Do You Want To Be For Me Now?

We held this discussion on our Facebook page recently and I loved hearing the things people said.  People said things like God is “my provider”… “my hiding place”… “my Prince of Peace”… “my compass” and “my comforter”  Let’s keep the conversation going here on our community page. What is it…

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