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New, every day.

A testimony from Robbie about her experience feeling renewed, challenged and restored through the daily practice of listening to the devotional soaking message Fresh Love Every Day in the #OneYearChallenge. Good Morning… I mean that quite literally. This word and how God is using it to open my eyes and…


Letters to Graham.

Graham, I’ve followed you for years; books, conferences and podcasts. Even had coffee with you and some other friends in Maryville, TN. I’m pleased to report your messages and God’s truth have helped me greatly to enter His rest most of the time. I’m so very grateful for leaving behind…


A hope bigger than I imagined.

There has been nothing easy about my walk with God. I have been born again for over 30 years, but it’s only been the last year that I didn’t wake up in the morning and tell the Lord I did not want to live through the day. I discovered Graham…


“I didn’t realize it, but God was preparing me..”

 In the fall of 2015 Graham came to participate in our Church’s fall conference. As Graham shared his content I was very struck with how it was resonating with me. I couldn’t wait for each session to start. The things he was sharing were really meeting me at a point…


Community Testimonies

“I’m on an adventure to living and loving like Jesus…   Long ago, I said to Papa ‘If I never accomplished anything in this world other than to know love and to love from this place, I think it would the greatest thing for me to have achieved.’   I’ve been described…


The Triumphant Christian

I was first introduced to Graham Cooke when he came to a church I attended in 2007. His talks exploded in my heart, setting off the release of so many of the questions I had been ruminating over for years. I would take these questions out and think about them,…


A Dream Realized.

13 years ago I was a very driven career girl. Single, happy and determined to reach the top of the corporate ladder in record time. I wanted a good stable relationship with someone who was passionate for God, but there was no-one in my life and I was probably the…


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