Discovering My True Identity


Identity is the Key to Transformation.

Identity. It is the master key that unlocks our experience of our New Man in Christ. Being transformed is essential to our growing up in God. Have you ever hit a ceiling in your development or felt stuck in your current experience with God? You gird up and start to…


Promises for His Beloved

The world and chaos are no match for the Kingdom and magnificence. As His beloved, our inheritance is peace, rest and joy. To be wonderfully loved. His intention is to create a new territory in our inner man that will empower our soul to come and rest. He wants to…


The Spirit of Wisdom Lives in You!

Life in the new man is an easy yoke where we are partnered with God. Our new nature abides in Christ so that we are never alone, and we can become consistent no matter our situation. When we abide in Christ, we are at peace, fully engaged with God in…


When God Seems to Hide.

At certain times, we feel the presence of God very tangibly and our whole life seems touched by His presence. At other times, God seems to be distant or even absent. We don’t feel His presence in the same way as we did—maybe not even at all. Why is God…


The Five Keys To Activating Your True Identity.

How we are known in heaven is our true identity in Christ. Having it become our reality on earth is our process of discovery with God. The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit long for you to see the image of yourself that They have always seen – and learn…


All Your Mistakes Are Covered.

God knows when you do something for the first time, you are going to make a mistake. The fascinating thing with Him is He doesn’t call it a mistake, He calls it learning because He knows you haven’t done it before. The first time you do something, you can’t make…


Experiencing Your Life From God’s Perspective – Part 2

(This is part 2 of my conversation with Allison Bown about the image God sees when He looks at you. Press play to join us for this conversation!) What do you do when you are facing a challenging or hard situation? Do you have a set of keys on hand…


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