Getting Unstuck


When the Laughter Rises.

As we discover the fullness of our true identity in Christ, we will encounter opportunities for growth that will initially appear as obstacles, disappointments or defeats. We have an adversary who lives to magnify our insecurities; condemn our past failures and give evidence of all that we are not. When…


Off the Hamster Wheel Into Stillness.

Years ago, I remember one of my most frequent questions: “When I’m working so hard, why does it feel like I’m growing up so slowly in God?”  I was reading countless books, listening to loads of teaching and trying hard to do everything I was learning.  It was exhausting. And…


Whatever You Focus on You Empower.

Our new man always lines up with Jesus. This means that there is a difference between that which is TRUE and that which is the TRUTH. It can be true that we have a problem in some area of our life, but the truth is you are a new creation…


God Will Not Let You Stay Stuck.

When we understand how God interacts with us, our lives are transformed. We are able to see what God is doing in us, and what He is doing through us. And we no longer confuse the two. We’re able to spend time in His presence receiving revelation, guidance and love….


Tension doesn’t mean something is wrong.

There is no movement without tension. If you’re sitting in your La-Z-Boy watching the Super Bowl and you have a cup of coffee there by your right hand, when you reach out to pick up the cup of coffee your hand has to be tensed—otherwise you can’t get a grip…


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