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Discovering your Inheritance Words. Part 1

[Listen on iTunes] Today’s podcast is from a talk called How God Uses Scripture. This is the first of a two-part series where I share about the Prophecy of Scripture, or what I like to call “Inheritance Words.” When God gives you a personal word from scripture, it becomes the…


Everyone’s Advertising Something.

If we spend time really listening to people, we start to recognize that every word and action is revealing something about that person. They’re advertising what is within them. We all do it. Everyday. So what are you advertising? What you think about what you believe about yourself is what…


Find a Truth and be True to it.

When God says something about himself, you can pick up on that promise and take it to heart. Since He is always constant, it is a key that opens the door each day to the presence of God; your own North Star that never changes. This has become a mindset…


The Secret to an Upgraded Life.

[Listen on iTunes] As we pursue God our vision begins to unfold. We get a picture of who God wants to be for us. Inevitably, obstacles will appear on our journey. Obstacles can point to many different areas of growth or overcoming. Some obstacles are meant to elevate us. Some…


Keys to a Brilliant Focus.

Learning to be present in the moment with Christ, means staying up to date with God’s current purpose for us. His focus is unbreakable. God is focused on our circumstances, our identity, our present and our future. He’s inviting us into the same kind of mindset. There are three keys…


Always Start With The Future.

Life in the Spirit is about who we are becoming in Jesus. We have to think in terms of who are we going to become? How do we upgrade our identity for the things that we’re doing and who we want to be the situations we’re in? It’s easy for…


Thriving in Toxic Environments.

What do you do when you’re being judged? When the environment around you is poison and toxic and it seems to suck you into a deep vat of negativity. It’s a good time to remember that it’s never about other people and what they are saying about you. It’s about…


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