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Discovering your Inheritance Words. Part 1

[Listen on iTunes] Today’s podcast is from a talk called How God Uses Scripture. This is the first of a two-part series where I share about the Prophecy of Scripture, or what I like to call “Inheritance Words.” When God gives you a personal word from scripture, it becomes the…


God is Pleased with You Because He is Pleased with Jesus.

There is an everlasting supply of grace for us to live from. Many of us have been taught that grace is undeserved favor, but if this were true then Jesus never had any. Grace gives us this incredible confidence in who God is for us, empowering us to always be…


Give Thanks Until You Become Thanks.

Worship is not really for the Lord; rather it is for us because it makes us vulnerable to His goodness. Praise, worship, and thanksgiving create an environment for us to overcome the enemy and get on top of our circumstances through connecting to His nature and producing a flow back…


Promises are Everything To God.

 *Quick note: This is an experimental podcast episode. If you enjoy it & would like more episodes in the future, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Promises are everything to God, and therefore should be everything to us. Unfortunately, we won’t see many of His…


What it Means to Become a Game Changer.

I think Jesus was the ultimate game changer. I also think He came to invite us to change the game, as well. The key to this way of life is learning to make choices from our identity instead of our circumstances. If interested, listen in on this session I recorded…


Living A Life Of Rejoicing.

[Listen in iTunes] Rejoicing is where we match God’s purpose and intention with our own and say “‘yes and amen” to who He wants to be for us. It’s agreement and engagement with who He really is. Rejoicing is not event driven; it’s a lifestyle that’s cultivated through all our…


God Has No Bad Thoughts Towards Us.

God is remodeling our lives by renewing us into our new man in Christ. In this process, He is deeply passionate about walking with us to restore our thinking and develop new mindsets rooted in our identity in Him. Even though we have all grown up in the world, which…


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