Thinking the Way God Thinks

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Praying With God.

Sometimes, we can really make prayer a big deal. “Am I doing it right?” “Am I bothering God?”  “I want to love prayer, but…” Today, I want to share what I’ve learned about prayer over my years in relationship with the Lord and help you to normalize prayer in your own…


Being Alive to God’s Dream.

“God has a dream for your life.” It’s a statement we can find easy to believe on days where everything is going well and difficult to fathom when it is not. But His dream for you is unchanging. He has a plan and goal for who you will become in…


God Has No Bad Thoughts Towards Us.

God is remodeling our lives by renewing us into our new man in Christ. In this process, He is deeply passionate about walking with us to restore our thinking and develop new mindsets rooted in our identity in Him. Even though we have all grown up in the world, which…


Living As a New Creation.

[Listen on iTunes here] The old you is irrelevant, useless and out-of-date, and has no power to make itself new. However, our old mindsets, practices, language and lifestyle can contain the Holy Spirit and prevent us from discovering who we really are in Jesus. In our everyday life with God…


What Is the Real Reason You Perform for God?

  We cannot please God by trying to please Him. When Jesus died, we died; because He did not just die for us, He died as us. His death and resurrection empower us to live in our true identity without having to please God. However, a performance mindset is not…


What If You Knew the End of Your Story?

Each of us has a divine and unique identity and destiny that God can clearly see – but how do we begin to see our lives and our identity from His perspective? Our process of development is the relational journey we embark on with God until His reality about our…


Upgrades Are Always Available In the Mind of Christ.

[Listen on iTunes]   The mind of Christ allows us to turn a weakness into a joyful vulnerability to His goodness. In Him, we get to take all negative thoughts captive and turn them into brilliant ones. Our mindset is either working for us or against us, and through our…


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