What is God Really Like?

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The Lord is Our Keeper.

The Fruit of the Spirit is always growing in the presence of God. This is especially true during times of physical pain. In today’s clip, Graham talks about his own journey of living in physical pain and learning to walk in the grace of God, the goodness of God and…


God is Not Reluctant to Bless.

[Listen on iTunes] Heaven has a right of possession over us in Christ, giving it the right to acquire our problems and provoke God’s favor to overcome them. We have favor with God through our placement in Christ, granting us an intentional bias in His heart and empowering us to…


You Have Every Reason To Give Thanks.

Rejoicing is the earthly manifestation of the Kingdom, making us carriers of joy wherever we go. When we discover how we are inextricably linked to joy, the pleasure and delight of God fills our lives and we learn to live every day under His smile. Joy is one of the…


Encountering the Brilliance of God’s Goodness & Favor.

[Listen on iTunes] It’s not difficult to discover the depths of God’s feelings for us. We have a home in His deepest affections and favor to remain close to Him. When the enemy digs a pit to ensnare us, God promises to fill it with blessings, favor and promises so…


How Do We Know What God is Really Like?

Many people – Christian and pre-Christian – have a wrong view of God. They see Him in a number of ways, none of which properly reflect the majesty of His true nature. If we are being made in His image (and we are! Genesis 1:26), then what we think about…


Nothing Works Against the Fruit of the Spirit.

[Listen on iTunes] The Fruits of the Spirit lead to an encounter with God that brings you into an ongoing experience of who He is while teaching you how you can abide in His nature. They give us the power of God and enable us to become Christ-like, which is always…


God Killed Us With Kindness.

The kindness of God permeates every aspect of His relationship with us, especially in how He dealt with our old nature. Instead of trying to renovate it – He kindly killed it. There is no makeover for a corpse. The only way to start a new life is for the…


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