You don’t have to allow your circumstances to challenge God’s goodness. You can expect His goodness in every situation … and use it to challenge your circumstances instead.

Goodness keeps us refreshed.

I am learning how to stay fresher for longer. To start every day fresh. I don’t want to carry anything negative from yesterday into today, so I am not letting the enemy accumulate stuff in my life.

I talked to a guy recently who was telling me about a circumstance in his life. He mentioned that it had been going on for a month and it was wearing him out. I thought, “Do realize you can be fresh every day? Right now, you’re submitting to a good kicking and you’re getting one. But you can submit to a refreshing.” New every morning is the goodness of God.

Goodness challenges our circumstances.

It doesn’t matter whether your situation is good, bad, or ugly. It can’t separate you from the goodness of God. We’re being challenged to live, think, speak, and act for the good in every circumstance. It absolutely doesn’t matter what anybody else is doing. It doesn’t matter what their identity is or what’s showing up.  It doesn’t matter what they believe about you. It only matters what you’re doing. It matters what your identity is. It’s about what you believe about God.

Goodness touches those around us.

It is your role in the earth to have a radiant idea of God, a radiant idea of the kingdom, and a radiant idea of who you are in the affections of Jesus. Anyone who touches you gets touched by that brilliance. They get moved by you, because goodness makes us radiant.

In goodness, we are always prepared. We’re equipped and we’re ready for God to do his best in every situation. So here’s a question: who around your life needs an encounter with goodness?

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As always, thanks for listening!