In a Kingdom lifestyle, we don’t deal with our negatives. We get to ignore them because Jesus has already dealt with them.

He sent negative things packing and nobody in the Godhead is going to bring them back. However, this does not mean we don’t like to occasionally bring them back.

The key to kingdom living is learning to flip the switch in our own thinking so that our lives match what God has already promised us.

We are accustomed to seeing ourselves as we are in the world. But in Christ, different perceptions, perspectives, and rules apply.

When you read the the sermon on the mount, you catch Jesus saying, “you have heard it said but now I say,” multiple times. This is apparently His way of saying “FLIP THE SWITCH!”

He’s addressing what we have been taught to do and how to think by both the world’s and religion’s standard. He’s confronting our subtle paradigms and beliefs. And He is saying, “We never said that, this is what we are actually saying. Let me introduce you to how My Father’s Kingdom works.”

For many of us, we are still in process of making this switch. We are learning and unlearning, replacing what we formerly thought to be true with the reality of His Kingdom.

It’s like flipping a light switch when you enter a dark room. This is exactly what His truth does, it brings us into the light so that we can experience more of His life. How often do we say: “Awe the light just switched on, now I get it”? These are the epiphanies that change our thinking and renew our minds. They upgrade our perception and give us a new lens to see.

Once the switch is flipped and His light comes on, we see things from His perspective. We are directly connected to the truth that always sets us free, releasing blessings and promises into our lives.

Here is one of the more simple ways to flip the switch from day to day.

You can’t have a negative in your life without the opposite also being there.

So, when you’re hit with a negative thought or feeling, take a pause and ask Holy Spirit what the opposite of that particular negative is. Once the epitome of it arrives in your thoughts, dwell on it for at least a minute. Simply by “dwelling on something that is pure and holy” and POSITIVE, you’re effectively flipping the switch.

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