“I’m on an adventure to living and loving like Jesus…   Long ago, I said to Papa ‘If I never accomplished anything in this world other than to know love and to love from this place, I think it would the greatest thing for me to have achieved.’   I’ve been described as ‘unusual’ and my journey being ‘unconventional’ I think on the one hand the way of a pioneer is not easy, it can be painful in the process, some days hard than others yet I don’t think I would have it any other way.  What keeps me going is to know in my lifetime and legacy of Christ in me and me in Him.. If it helps people to be free to live and love the more authentically – it would have been worth every drop. Thanks for letting me share!”

– The King’s Daughter


“Up until last summer, I did not realize that Holy Spirit has a Voice. He began speaking to me when I least expected it, and told me that I AM creative. I began writing down images, names, and numbers as He brought them to mind (especially hearts)… ALL to be connected, creating a beautiful blueprint to be colored in. We would sit together for hours and hours and Holy would lead me with which colors to use and then who specifically to give the doodles to. It has been in spending time together that I have learned the nature of His Voice and the Power behind every piece of prophetic artwork created. As I have been daily learning from Him, the artwork has opened the door for me to not only HEAR the heart of God but to pass this overwhelming Love to those on His heart in that moment. Holy always reminds me that every crazy piece of art we create is absolutely saturated with His presence, and I have the privilege of giving this gift to others. Holy Spirit is my Creative Genius and I believe He is releasing a new season of hungry believers who are ready to take risk in ALL creative venues to reveal the “relentlessly kind” nature of His Voice. Thank you for letting me share of bit of our story and thank you to Graham for simply being brilliant and helping me to recognize the most excited person I know.”

– Megan Elizabeth


“Due to a work injury last October 1 when my back was broken, A major setback occurred in my life where I lost my job, lost my apartment, and with no outside help, having been recently divorced after 20 years of marriage when my husband ran off with my friend, a woman 20 years younger than I. Danielle, due to the massive weight of all these catastrophes happening at once, it almost destroyed me… But God, had another plan.

It was during this deep emotional darkness that I was randomly introduced to Graham Cooke. So, throughout my struggle: hiring a WC attorney; subsequent back surgery and rehabilitation; then enduring vicious litigations back-and-forth with my former employer’s opposing attorneys; Graham’s teachings have inspired me to keep the faith and believe God for a brilliant upgrade and outcome.

I’m still fighting as a warrior princess.

Despite all odds against me, God and I proved to be the overpowering majority and amazingly, we won!! People who know WC cases can hardly believe the outcome… I prayed for God to pick out the attorney for me. God highlighted a specific name for me. Little did I know at the time that the attorney God selected for me is the number One Rated Workmans Compensation attorney in all of Palm Beach county, Florida, winning the most cases for his clients! Jesus is so magnificently detailed in His directions… His directives throughout this time have been quite clear and succinct when necessary, so I got His point clearly and quickly. That type of Holy Spirit communication requires a dwelling in the secret place Graham talks about, and has helped me to enter through his teachings.

God knew that I needed the superior, revelatory teachings that the Holy Spirit has shown Graham. I didn’t need an average teacher our preacher of the word, because I’ve heard all of them for years. When I first heard Graham teach on “The Language of Heaven, ” my spirit inside just “thrilled,” for lack of a better word, and I said to myself, “Oh my gosh!! Finally, here is someone who speaks my language! He’s putting into words what I know to be true! Who is this man? why haven’t I heard him before?”

During my journey over the last eight months I have grown exponentially in faith more than I’ve grown in the last eight years.

To sum it up, I would not be where I am today without the inspirational teachings of Graham Cook. The depth and knowledge with which he teaches, get further enhanced as the Holy Spirit carefully crafts each word he speaks, even in the modulation and intonation. Wow! Graham is so blessed by God 🙂 so is my testimony…

Thanks for letting me share.”

  • Kimberly S.