Years ago, the Lord spoke to me about a specific individual during an event. While I was chatting with the Lord about him, I heard the Father say with an absolute smile, “And he thinks that I don’t love him.”

This caught my attention, as I realized that we are the ones who make outrageous designations about what is acceptable and what isn’t; God doesn’t. We often struggle to love ourselves and others well, but this is far from His intention.

People all around us are crying out to God in their pain and confusion. They are looking for someone to come around them in these vulnerable places and be a conduit for the love of God.

God wants to pour Himself out through us, but are we ready and equipped for these moments?

If interested in growing your ability to distribute the passion, affection, and love of God into the world around you, I invite you to watch the short video above.

PS) As you may have picked up, this is a clip from School of Prophecy 1, one of my favorite talks on how to love people brilliantly from God’s heart. You can watch the full series by signing up for a free month of Brilliant TV here!