Living a fast paced life can often make it challenging to really learn the truths that God is teaching us. If we don’t slow down and take a minute to pause and observe what He is doing in our midst, we risk missing something. However, we can cultivate a certain art that will serve us well in life and in our relationship with God.

For many years, I have been intentional about creating a lifestyle of meditation. Not only has this been a life-source for me; it has taught me to go to the deepest level of a truth until it becomes a part of my normal life.

To meditate means to think deeply about something or someone.

It allows us to explore a truth with our mind and heart, causing what we think to touch our innermost being. This creates opportunities and space for the Holy Spirit to fill us with His presence. It’s a delightful process; one that leaves us feeling renewed and centered in Christ. It’s creative thought which leads us to the higher realm of revelation and wisdom. This moves us beyond reason and into the place where joy is seated and faith is activated.

Meditation gives us permission to search inside and outside the box of our current paradigm.

What we see and hear during this time has the ability to touch us profoundly as it connects us to the truth of Christ, which is God within, the certainty of freedom.

Fruitful meditation is not about casually seeking revelatory insight. These initial thoughts are merely the “X” that marks the spot, and then we must be intentional to dig up the treasure through practicing meditation.

Many are satisfied with collecting random truths on the surface of their consciousness. It is all good, but in reality there is so much more to explore.

So let’s be intentional about taking the time to mine the deep truth that God has placed in our lives.

If interested, over the next days and weeks, practice meditating on the current realities that God is teaching you. This will allow you to experience both His wisdom and presence as the truth of these words come alive in your spirit.

Perhaps, grab your journal and write down any new thoughts that may come to you. Give yourself freedom to ease into it. Try it for just a few minutes a day, and then work your way up to half and hour or even a full hour. Feel yourself come before the throne of His majesty, sovereignty and supremacy! Ask Him what He has for you in that moment.

I know this practice will cultivate current truths and provide you with new ones. Enjoy it!

PS) If you wanted to grow in this art and make it a normal part of your life, check out The Devotional Soaking Series. It’s a series of guided meditations woven together with gentle worship music and includes an interactive journal.