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Discovering and Activating Your Inheritance Words.

“Where do I begin to look for the image God has of me and who He created me to be?” It’s one of the questions I’m asked the most. A wonderful starting place is what we call “Inheritance Words” in our Brilliant community.

These are the Scriptures that Graham talks about that seem to leap off of the page and captivate our heart.

They can become evident while we’re reading the Bible, through a scripture given by a friend or one that rises in our hearts. However we receive them, Inheritance Words seem to take on a life of their own and become places of comfort and deep wells of life to go to that encourage us again and again.

Inheritance Words will hold a three dimensional picture of the authentic nature of God, but they also hold clues to your true identity in Christ, too.

Joyfully ask God for inheritance words. It’s a prayer He loves to answer, though His answers may surprise you.

When I knew I was to leave my twenty-year teaching career to embark on an entirely new life creative partnership with Graham, I was truly walking off my map of security, competency, and a long family tradition of having one career in a lifetime.

I knew I would need a good, solid compass for the journey ahead, and I began to ask God for a new Inheritance Word for this transition. I expected verses about adventure, courage, or taking risks; maybe a passage about being an overcomer and champion. But He had a different idea.

Instead of fueling my excitement, the Holy Spirit went straight after my identity as His beloved one by whispering words from Psalm 139.

He chose to focus on how loved I have always been by God; how intricately He knows my life; and how deeply He cares. It was His promise that this journey would be filled with His infinite good thoughts towards me and His understanding of who He created me to be.

It seemed an odd choice for an emerging warrior, but oh my goodness, how this passage of Scripture has been my safe place in ways I couldn’t have possibly imagined!

So ask and keep on asking and exploring when it comes to Inheritance Words.

Scripture holds great treasures showing us how our identity can become as evident on earth as it is in heaven. So, use some of these questions from the Guidebook portion of my new book, The Image, to accelerate that experience!

Take one of these Scriptures and find a quiet place. Read it aloud several times.

Think of how it has encouraged you and the circumstances in your life when it did so. What are the feelings that rise up when you read these words? Write those thoughts down.

What are you most thankful for in these verses?

Write a note to God about that. “Father, thank you that . . .” and read it aloud to Him.

What is His response when He hears those words? (You might want to write that down too. It often becomes a precious, powerful conversation – also known as prayer.)

Are there any promises that God is making to you in this passage ? If so, what are they? These are part of your rich inheritance to be found here.

What aspect of God’s true nature do these verses reflect?

What is the image God has of you that are reflected in these Scriptures? Write these out as if God were saying them directly to you. “I see you as . . .” Read it aloud daily and soak in His words of affirmation and assurance.

Consider staying with this one passage of Scripture for several weeks or months—not reading anything else during this time. It may be challenging at first, but deep truth takes time to unfold.

Continue to take notes about what God shows you in them regarding His true nature and the image He sees when He looks at you… and let us know what you discover!

– Allison

PS) Allison’s new book, The Image, is being released this summer. In addition to the rich wisdom and teaching, it includes a guidebook of practical, powerful activations like this one that will convert your understanding of your identity in Christ into your everyday reality!

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