When you think of a devotional time with God, what comes to mind?

You may find yourself coming to Him just as you are with all your issues and dire circumstances, trying to perform for Him so He can trust you and you can walk properly with Him.

But God comes to us just as He is, unchanging in His true nature and seeing us and our situations with His perspective. We get to come to God as He is, not as we are.

Relational worship and devotion is about connecting to Him, allowing His beauty and nature to overwhelm us with goodness and kindness.

This is the gateway to wisdom, where we can know who God is, not just what He does.

So to learn more about how you can discover His freedom in your devotional life, watch the clip above.

PS) This video clip is from the devotional mentoring series, in Level One of Graham’s online streaming video service, Brilliant TV. You can learn more or subscribe to Brilliant TV here.


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