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Living on a Higher Place

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Discovering Our Identity

In the Old Testament there is a lot of focus on how to transform yourself through righteous acts and the strong contention that your behavior would bring you closer to God.  But in the New Testament we learn a new way of thinking. We learn that your identity in Christ is the thing to strongly desire and behavior is secondary.

You don’t become a  new person by changing your behavior. You discover the person you already are in Christ and you operate out of that starting point.  

Look at the identity of the Lord…  

Remember, He is making you in His image,

which means you have to think about who you are in Him!

When you think about who God says you are…  

You can see your upgrades and the things you need to lay aside.  

The wonderful thing about Jesus is that He loves to call you up.  He speaks to the person you truly are, and He doesn’t concern Himself with your negative self-image.  

When you come to the full realization of your identity in Christ, that negative self-image will fall away.

It’s time to learn who you are in the Lord and who God wants to be for you.

P.S. We are going to be talking a lot about identity over the coming weeks.

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