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Defining Your Personal Legacy

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Discovering the Power of Promise.

Every aspect of our identity in Christ has a promise attached to it. These promises hold the favor that fuels our development and training as we grow into the fullness of everything God created us to be.

While God gives His promises freely, it is our engagement with them that causes the power of our promises to multiply and grow.

Money that is buried in the ground has worth but no impact. We can collect promises, but unless we partner with God in discovering their reality, they remain a mere concept.

On more than one occasion when I’ve been bemoaning my state in life, the Holy Spirit will whisper,

“What have I promised you? Let’s talk about that first so we can have a better conversation than the one we’re having now.”

Promises are the chief agent for being able to look through a problem and see the possibilities that are present in our relationship with God.

Here’s a passage from my new book, The Image, that is a practical example of this powerful truth:

My mother understood the value of her promises, and she had a unique way of expressing it. On her coffee table was a crystal bowl filled with large, beautiful glass gems. In the morning, the sun would stream in and fill the room with a rainbow. Beside it sat a little red leather book of God’s promises, and from time to time, she would hold the book and ask the Lord, “What’s Your jewel for me today?”

What I loved most was that when she had found a Scripture promise “gem,” she didn’t let it go.

She would select a glass stone from her crystal bowl and set it on the table by itself.

“That’s so I will think about that promise every time I walk by, because it will either help me today or will be just what I need tomorrow.”

Sometimes the table would have four or five gems sitting out, and if asked, my mother could tell you what the promise was for each. When I noticed that a stone had been put back into the bowl, I could be sure there was a story behind it—an occasion when that very promise was fulfilled by God.

As she grew less able in her final year, there were a lot more “gems” on the table next to the oxygen supplies and medications. On the first morning after she had peacefully gone to be with Jesus, I sat on her couch at dawn as the sunlight poured through her crystal bowl. A rainbow of colors filled the room—and then I realized: all the stones had been returned.

Despite the many difficult circumstances that had tried to indicate otherwise, God had indeed kept all of His promises to her till the end.

…Of the numerous truths that my mother’s relationship with God taught me, one of the most enduring lessons was considering our promises as “exceedingly great and precious.” She treated them with care and confidence.”

In the exploration of our truest identity, it is vital that we identify, collect, value, and invest the promises that emerge.

Not only are they a resource for our growth, but they are a powerful weapon when we are challenged by negativity, on-going difficulty or our own lack.

Go first to your promises, especially of who God has pledged to be for you, to you and through you —and discover the opportunity for that promise to become your true identity in Him.

– Allison Bown

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