Life in the Kingdom is full of majesty, wonder, and divine advantage, but we don’t always experience this as our everyday reality.

Yet, God continues to meet us with His kind intentionality revealing the space He has made available to us in the Kingdom. It has your name on it, and it’s waiting for you.

As you claim this territory, you get to learn how extraordinary you can become. He didn’t make you to be ordinary, and He’s determined to see you do things that you may only dream of.

He is inviting you to be a stakeholder in His kingdom and pursue a depth of relationship with Him you never thought possible.

It’s one that is full of the awe and wonder that only comes from walking in absolute majesty.

So, are you ready to put a stake in the ground and claim a fullness of life in Him like never before?

For more on this process, watch the short video above!

PS) This video is a clip from a much longer series I did called Radical Permission. If interested in learning more about the advantages awaiting you in the Kingdom, you can watch the whole series on Brilliant TV. Click here to sign up for a 7 day free trial now!