(This video features my NEW book, The Newness Advantage. Press play to enjoy!)

There are times when events and circumstances seem to conspire against us, and our growth in Christ seems minimal. We find ourselves asking:

“What’s happening and where is God in all of it?”

Our learned behavior in the world is constantly provoking us to see and act within a familiar system: one of logic, reason, social norms and cultural expectations.

But God has given us a tremendous divine advantage when He recreated us in Christ. It’s our Newness Advantage, and that is what I want to explore with you in my new book.

This book is about engaging with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a TRANSFORMATIONAL conversation. It is written as letters from God’s point of view, so we can rise above the clamor and head noise that surrounds us and see our lives as He does.

There are numerous activations, questions and ways to observe your transformation in this profound devotional tool that will revolutionize your spiritual experience, and take you into a completely new place in your relationship with God.

You will see yourself as a new creation and be equipped to experience all the divine advantages that come from your new identity in Christ.

So what are the upgrades of your Newness Advantage that you’ve left unclaimed?

PS) My new book, The Newness Advantage is out as of yesterday! To explore all the advantages of your new nature in Christ, you can now order your copy of it here!