The world is really weird right now with all kinds of things going on.

I want to empower people to live in an elevated place, above the weirdness. I want to train people how to expect something different, something far more brilliant in their lives and be able to make declarations out of those elevated expectations.

This is actually what I asked Shawn Bolz & Jonathan & Melissa Helser to chat with me about over a Skype call recently; specifically how we can do this at our upcoming event together (EXPECTATION!).

I thought it may be fun to share a short clip from our chat to create some expectation for our time together for those 700+ of you who have already reserved your spot. And for those of you who haven’t yet signed up, my hope is that you’ll get a good idea of the heart behind most of what we do at Brilliant. Or at the very least, a good laugh from Shawn’s and my bed head. :)

If interested, check out our conversation in the video above! And of course, I’d LOVE for you to join us for this event in October. (Limited time early bird discount available now. Reserve your spot here!)

PS) Heads up: our early bird special (20% off) for EXPECTATION! will expire on May 15! Reserve your spot now (here)! Then, do me a favor and tell me one thing you hope to get out of the event in the comments below!

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