All learning in the Kingdom is very different than it is in the world because Kingdom knowledge requires a relational experience with God.

Everything we learn in the Kingdom is about relational transformation so God can make us in the image of Jesus. This makes all our learning relational both in context and in content.

Context is where the Lord inserts Himself into our situation to teach us how to know and walk with Him. Content is where God touches something in us to inspire, heal and upgrade us so that we become like Him.

Our perception of who God wants to be for us will drive everything in our life because God loves to show us the outcome first and then the process of how we get there.

To embark on this transformational process with God, watch the video above.

PS) This clip is from The Life Questions Mentoring Series on Brilliant TV.  In this series, I give you 22 key questions to help you process your life with God.