We are all learning what it really means to be in Christ and to experience the perks of His presence.

One of the perks I’m especially fond of that God gives us are difference experiences to upgrade our perspective; something I like to call epiphanies. These encounters are key to transforming us by renewing our mind. They have a specific purpose in our lives and it’s our job to explore them with intentionality.

It’s in these times that we get to actually learn the language of the Kingdom, how God speaks, why He says things in that way. Then we get to pick up the language and talk it back to Him.

This flow a brilliant relationship dynamic between God and us; one that creates a myriad of epiphanies in our lives.

An epiphany is a sudden delightful encounter from another dimension.

It’s a revelation of absolute truth that rocks your world and fills your senses. It’s an experience of life in Jesus that changes everything.

It’s like a door opening and a hand pushing you gently into a whole new space, and while you are standing there in awe, the same hand slams the door behind you and locks it, and you hear this whisper saying,

“All of this is yours. Explore it with Me!”

When He is saying, “behold and see” this truth of my Kingdom, He is releasing an epiphany into your life. He is making something crystal clear to you, in order to upgrade the way you think, perceive, and experience life. These epiphanies are designed by Him to be a key to lasting transformation.

An epiphany is a paradox of not just one single amazing experience with God.

It’s an invitation into a lifestyle of encountering the reality of who He is.

What if there are several opportunities to see God, to encounter Him in a way that constantly upgrades and changes both who you are and how you live today? Living with this expectation is the kind of epiphany lifestyle that God is inviting us to live.

May 2017 be a year of non-stop epiphanies!

PS) I recently did a series of teachings on this lifestyle of Epiphanies. If interested, get the audio series here or video series here!