The key to effective learning is what we must first unlearn.

Saul really believed he was doing the will of God in persecuting the early followers of Jesus until he had an epiphany on the road to Damascus. Then he had to unlearn everything he thought he knew about the Messiah. Effective learning transformed this murderous man into an Apostle of grace.

Peter spent years being with Jesus, hearing every message, seeing every miracle, being part of amazing conversations. Yet, when God called him to the Gentiles, Peter was decisive in his rejection of that call. It went against everything he believed in his upbringing and spiritual tradition. He was perplexed until he had an epiphany in the house of a Gentile. Then Peter said, “I most certainly understand now.”

When God’s doing a new thing, we can only walk in it after we are disengaged from the old thing by the Lord Himself. What if, on our ongoing transformational journey, the Lord wants us to have many epiphanies. How many will you need to become fully Christ-like?


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