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Living on a Higher Place

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Every Day Grace.

Epiphanies become our lifestyle as we learn to live and abide in Jesus. As we are learning and growing, He is relentless in His primary purpose which is to make us in Their image (Gen 1:26). He has given us His grace, every day. Good days or bad days, He is the same towards you always.


Always Start with the Future

What are You Focusing on?

Being Alive to God’s Dream

When We’re not Who We Hoped to be, What Would Jesus Do?



We’re learning who God is in Himself. We’re understanding knowing what He wants to be for us in this particular moment. I’m never going to get tired of saying this. 

That God has a grand vision of us. To make us into somebody. 

Because there isn’t a nobody in this room. I’ve met people who have no idea who they are. I’ve met people, if they were in a movie about their own life, they wouldn’t be the star of it. They’re playing a bit part in the movie of their own life. And that’s not fair. And it’s not good for us. 

Epiphanies get to become our lifestyle as we live in and have our being in Jesus. I can’t tell you just…it’s impossible to describe how much I love Jesus. And it’s just as impossible to describe how much Jesus loves me. I just know that I’m profoundly grateful for everything He’s ever done. And all that He is, and all that He will become in the future. And I’m looking forward to everything. 

You know, I came to, I settled something in my heart a long time ago. That I would never see life in terms of good or bad. And this is a good day, or I’m having a bad day and choose to see life, that every day is a day of grace. And some days, you get to enjoy things. You have the grace to enjoy things and other days you have the grace to endure. 

But every day is a day of grace.

I’ve just settled in my heart. Because I want to be as unchanging as God. I like His unchangingness. That you always know where you are with God because He never changes. He’s the same yesterday. He’s very joyful about that. So like on your, your worst day He is the same towards you on your best. That to me is just a gorgeous feeling. Of knowing that the One who knows you most loves you the best.

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