Sometimes we get in this silly mindset that our situation is too big for God. We wouldn’t ever say that, but it’s what we think. Our body language says all of that.

Our current circumstances are ideal soil for our next breakthrough in Christ, and the reason we don’t always like that is because most of the time, we would just like to be rescued.

“I’m a Christian, get me out of here!”

And God says, “You’re kidding, right? I’ve just spent 7 weeks and $10,000 getting you into that situation so I could show you something marvelous about Me!”

Your current circumstances are ideal soil for your next breakthrough in Christ.

In other words, you will not get a better opportunity than right now to become brilliant, to take a step up into a higher place of favor and promise. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is always concerned with moving in the opposite spirit, that whatever spirit is coming against you, Jesus teaches you how to come against it.

What does that mean?

You’ve heard me say it a lot of times that when Christ died, it wasn’t just sin that He killed off. He killed off all negativity. I mean literally. He killed off every negative thought, every negative emotion, every negative word, every negative act. He killed off all negativity on the planet. So you’re not allowed to be negative! And I say that very sweetly. You are not allowed to be negative in any way, shape or form.

Every negative, however, has a job to do in your life.

The role of a negative is to reveal its opposite. The role of a negative is to reveal the nature of God. The role of a negative situation is to reveal a promise.

God will simply not allow a negative to be anywhere near you unless its opposite is also present. That is the law of the spirit of life that’s in Christ Jesus.

What does that mean? It means you are fully subject to life as God sees it. So anything that He has killed off, you’re not subject to. Unless, of course, you want to be!

We’re learning how to use the negative, not be used by it.

“Well, if that’s there, then something else has to be here. So what’s the opposite of that? That’s what I need to look at,” and when you see the opposite, you can say, “Okay, you can go now,” to the negative.

“You can go now because I see what you brought.” Every negative has a job to do, and its job is to point you to the opposite of what God wants to do.

“What’s the opposite of that? That’s what God is doing. I have that need; I am going to get that provision.”

Do you understand the principle? It’s part of the law of the spirit of life that’s in Christ Jesus. That means you’re never allowed to focus on a negative. You just look at it and think,

“What is the opposite of that? That is what I’m focusing on. You can leave now. This is what God is doing. This is the provision He is marking out for me. This is the promise He has for me. This is what He is developing in me.”


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