If we spend time really listening to people, we start to recognize that every word and action is revealing something about that person. They’re advertising what is within them. We all do it. Everyday. So what are you advertising?

What you think about what you believe about yourself is what you advertise. Our language is a huge identifier. You’ll see the state of your heart. We can advertise our negativity, our fear, or that we believe we are a fraud.

However, we can also advertising that we really do know Jesus and understand the nature of God. We can advertise the fruit of the Spirit and what the Kingdom is actually like. Instead of stress, we advertise peace. Instead of frustration, patience is available. Instead of anger, we focus on kindness and goodness.

We’re all advertising. When you understand that everyone’s advertising, you can step in and advertise something different. We’re the ones who can step in and give an antidote to whatever lethal thinking, language or behaviors others are displaying. Together, let’s advertise who God really is.