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  • God is not only with us and in us, but He has gone before us. We aren’t wondering IF God has made provision for us, we are looking to see where it is.
  • He lives outside of time and has prepared whatever it is that we need. The truth is that our circumstances can come under the influence of God’s intention.
  • We are secure in our identity as the Beloved of Christ, heirs and joint-heirs in Jesus. 
  • Praying in line with the true nature of God
  • Prayer is a relational place.


Praying With God

Developing Confidence in the Favor of God

Abiding With Him

Crafting A Prayer

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In this episode, we’re going to discover more about our partnership with God, who is not only with us and in us, but He’s also the God who has gone before us. 

Think of a time where you were traveling on your own, maybe in an unfamiliar city. Maybe a place where you didn’t speak the language or you didn’t have a map. It can be disorienting and difficult to find your way. 

Then imagine or remember a time where you arrived in a new location. And again, it could be a city, or a huge office complex, or a mountain trail, any place you’d never been before. 

But this time you were traveling with someone for whom this was very familiar territory. Someone who knew you were coming, and has planned to go with you as your guide, and already made preparations for your journey.

It’s a totally different experience, right?

One of the great benefits of life as a new creation in Christ is that we’re traveling with the One who lives outside of time. He knows the beginning from the end. Which means that God has already been to your tomorrow’s. 

Deuteronomy 31:8 says, “and the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Do not fear nor be dismayed.” 

You know, it’s not just that God is with us in this life. But we have His promise that he has gone before us. 

He went before Abraham, to provide a ram in the thicket to spare Isaac’s life. Remember that story? He went before Israel in the wilderness to make provision for a million people coming out of Egypt. 

Think of it. Where did all those quail come from? Millions of them were required. So what if, for years, God had eliminated their predators, so that there will be a massive population when the time came? 

Jesus talks about preparation with the disciples at the beginning of John 14, when He told them that He was going to prepare a place for them. Not only does He prepare a place, but that He would return so that they could go there too. So that where He was, they would be also. 

To me, this is one of the tremendous benefits of life and the new man. The God who has gone before us, lives in us. He has prepared, whatever it is that you need, and He’s here to guide you until you find it. 

So in that context, prayer becomes the relational place where we abide, listen, and receive the provision that God has already made for us. 

As a new creation in Christ, we’re not looking for situational resolution, as proof that God hears us. We know that every circumstance is an opportunity to encounter another aspect of God’s true nature. So for us, it’s always about primary purpose, Genesis 1:26. Us being made in His image and His likeness. 

We’re confident that no matter what we see, God can be someone for us here, that we’ve never experienced before. So a life of prayer for the new man is one of quietly confident expectation. 

We expect God to be faithful and true to His nature. We anticipate a fresh encounter with the Prince of Peace. And we rest in the ability of the Holy Spirit, to guide us into all truth. Don’t you love that? 

Our rejoicing and Thanksgiving is focused on the true nature of God. That God has gone before. And that’s our stance in any circumstance. I know He’s been out there, He knows what’s out there, and He’s going to tell me. So we can be secure in our identity in Christ, as the beloved of God as heirs and joint heirs in Jesus. 

So we’re not wondering if God has made provision for us, we’re looking to see where it is. 

Big difference, because we know He has a history of putting it in the most unusual places.

Timeout, this is not a name it and claim it, grab it and blab it spirituality.

This is living in the truth of 2 Timothy 1:12. “For we know, by both knowledge and experience, we know in whom we have believed, and we are fully persuaded that He is able to keep what we’ve committed to Him.” 

It’s confidence born out of our relationship with God. Where we are being so wonderfully loved, that our trust in His ways becomes unshakable. It’s the power of the truth that impacts on our hearts, releasing the joy and peace, in believing in who God is for us. And when that takes hold, our circumstances can come on the the influence of God’s intention. As we pray with Him, His intention becomes clear, and we pray in alignment and faith with Him.

Beloved, whenever the challenges of life present themselves, we have the joy of being with the Lord as much love children. Simple faith. Simple trust is that God has gone before us. Whatever new levels of peace or joy or wisdom that we’ll need has already been deposited out there. And the prayers of the new man, reflect that. 

We’re praying in line with the true nature of God, knowing what He’s like, so our language is full of expectation, joy, peace, and a quiet confidence in Him. 

And God uses His expectation to reprogram our emotions in line with His nature. So faith can come before that process or after it, depending on your response. It’s the simplicity of the Good News, the uncomplicated trust of a child with a good Father. It’s vital for us to value the process of how God works in life situations. And then we must enjoy the practice of becoming more like Him. And as we give ourselves to presence on a consistent basis, our response times become faster as we change. 

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