In a word, alignment looks like health. A properly aligned spiritual warrior is rested for a fight. We are willing to be involved with God; we arrive early to the battle and leave late. We have physical commitment and energy to do something. We are willing to perform physical tasks to make it easier for people to engage God.

Warriors are emotionally stable, living within healthy stress levels. We practice being calm and considerate. We are peacemakers, trained to be joyful. Christians in alignment can see other people’s perspectives on issues. This openheartedness puts everyone around us at ease. Whether in good or bad situations, we move through life glorifying God. Alignment brings an emotional connection between the Holy Spirit and a spiritual warrior.

Mentally, a warrior becomes tuned into God’s personality — thoughtful, considerate, kind, and concerned. We are able to present truth in love and mercy, even when it is difficult. We ignore the issue of who is right or wrong, and focus on what is right and wrong. The mind is free of enemy programming and is in constant interaction with God. Our mind and spirit are cooperating to release God’s word in everything He wants us to do. In alignment, we have access to peace and wisdom.

When we choose to live in alignment, our spirit is always in the Presence of God. It’s as if we are always singing; worship flows out of us throughout the day. We live a life of gratefulness. We practice being thankful in every circumstance. Warriors love to have brilliant thoughts about God. Being God-conscious is an honor and a pleasure.

Everything comes together when we are in alignment — our body, soul, and spirit join forces and maintain our spiritual momentum. When we are aligned properly, we can move comfortably from the known to the unknown. We gain wisdom from every experience and begin to learn how God thinks.

Alignment starts slowly, but we have to work our way through the gears to gain speed. But first gear is better than being stuck in reverse! It all starts with being faithful during the tests God has planted in our lives. When we take care of these little things, divine acceleration happens, and we move towards breakthrough.


Look at yourself positively. Imagine the Holy Spirit talking with you about your next upgrade.

Looking at each of the four states of health: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. What do you feel He has planned for you in these areas in this season?

What would you like to become in each of these areas in this next time period?

Take time out to write your upgrade list.


Apply your upgrade list to each area. Some of it will be an antidote to things you no longer need.

Have fun replacing the negative with a positive alignment! Always enjoy the process.

Look around you. Who else would benefit from a similar perspective?


I hope this speaks to you today. Enjoy!

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