(This is part 2 of my conversation with Allison Bown about the image God sees when He looks at you. Press play to join us for this conversation!)

What do you do when you are facing a challenging or hard situation? Do you have a set of keys on hand or even a master key that can be applied to any circumstance you find yourself in?

Often times, our tendencies can be to focus on the situation around us, secretly wishing that it will be over so we can get back to life as normal.

But in the Kingdom, everything is about growth because God wants us to thrive not survive.

When we have our keys in hand, we are empowered to lock up old perceptions and ways of behaving and unlock new truths about who we are in Jesus.

So, grab your cup of coffee as we continue our conversation and share our most transformative keys that have been instrumental to seeing ourselves the way God does. (Watch for minute marker 10:50 where Allison shares one of my favorites.)

After you watch it, let us know about one of your keys to living from God’s perspective in the comments below.

PS) God’s passion is to see you transformed into your true image in Christ. If you are looking for your next upgrade in how God sees you, consider getting a copy of Allison’s new book, The Image. It’s hot off the press this week, and you can order your copy here! (I highly recommend it!)

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