Whenever we do something for the first time, we cannot make a mistake. We can only learn. When that truth becomes our reality, our failures will cease to have power over us.

When we explore God, we discover ourselves. What we learn makes us far more capable of improving and growing quickly.

Edison made 1,000 attempts before creating a successful light bulb. It’s possible to fail at everything and still become the best, if we embrace our process of development and maintain our relational pursuit of excellence.

Learning what not to do can be as important as learning what is needed!

The difference between failing and becoming a failure is blame—blame that is rooted in feeling ashamed and fearful of rejection because of poor performance; insecurity in our identity in who God is for us, in us and through us.

Blame holds others responsible for our shortcomings and paralyzes our spiritual learning process.

We blame the teacher, trainer or mentor for not helping us enough to pass the test, learn the job or grow quickly enough. We find fault with our equipment. We criticize the environment, the system and the organization.

Finding fault is at epidemic proportions in our society. Every level of human endeavor seems to have its own blame culture. We blame ourselves for not being good enough.

God isn’t looking for people with a 100% success rate at everything that they pursue. He is looking for believers who not only believe that the Greater One lives in them, but are willing to learn how to walk with Him.

Negative thoughts and emotions disempower our capacity to receive from God and cut us off from His kind intention.

It’s important to focus on God’s passion and love for us and respond to His goodness always. Then in Him, we ask questions, because we expect His response. When we have a passion for upgrading our experience of God, the relevant skills and capacity needed will come to us in the Spirit, as a gift from God.

Failure is not falling down. It is refusing to get up when you have fallen. Grace always lifts us up.

The only way you can become a failure is to abandon the empowering grace God has for you in your learning process. So instead of running from it, turn towards it.

On the days you fail, you’ll find Him as your Teacher, waiting for you… not shaking His finger in your face, but with a smile that invites a more excellent conversation.

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