We have been talking a lot on the blog this summer about the subject of Identity; about how our thinking can shape and affect our experience and in turn shape our identity.  Negative thinking casts a long shadow, and disrupting the cycle of negativity in your mindset can be a tough habit to break.

“Faith grows out of the experiences that we have with God. Never discuss what you lack. Just put what you have into God’s hand.”


Whether you’re a life long believer, or have come to know the Lord more recently, your identity needs to be rooted in the love and the righteousness of Jesus.  When a key element of your identity comes from a negative, then your experiences will also be negative.

When you see yourself as a sinner, then you will be preoccupied with sin. You will see it and point it out in others. But when you know that you are His Beloved, your mindset will change. Your mind will be renewed and your heart will soften.

“You were a sinner, but now you have been saved by grace to become a saint. You are a child of light beloved of God walking in newness of life. That makes you a completely different person!”


What does a new mindset mean for you?  How has God impacted and softened your heart, and given you revelation to renew your thinking?