(This is an introduction to the Getting Unstuck Immersion: A 14 day journey to get back on track with the life God has for you! Learn more here.)

Sometimes life can overtake us. We are too busy working, surviving, or living week to week. The end result: we get stuck and lose sight of everything God has for us. Our life can become a casualty of circumstances.

But this is far from God’s intention for us. He wants us to get back on track, create a new focus, and receive what is most important for us and our current situation.

He gives us the opportunity to generate expectation instead of disappointment for our current situation and develop a flow of consistent encouragement to overcome any negative thinking.

Where we feel stuck, He brings breakthrough and accelerated development empowering us to live in a new place and discover who He wants to be for us.

It’s a journey filled with freedom and majesty. Are you ready for your next upgrade?

If interested, watch the clip above, and then tell me in the comments where you want to get unstuck!

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In it, I will help you generate expectation, encouragement, and break into a higher level of relationship with God. You will gain the tools to get and stay permanently unstuck. If interested, learn more here!