When God says something about himself, you can pick up on that promise and take it to heart. Since He is always constant, it is a key that opens the door each day to the presence of God; your own North Star that never changes.

This has become a mindset that is a solid foundation in my relationship with God: find one truth about God, and be true to it. Always.

Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Father is saying for I, the Lord, do not change and I love that about God.  What began in me with that “simple” revelation was a deeper understanding about the nature of God.

This became a signature part of my life and a truth that I most depend upon. This built the “stance” in my circumstance. The place where I stand and say, “you can’t push me off this rock. This is my piece of territory, and as long as my feet are on that promise, nothing has power over me because the unchanging nature of God surrounds me.”

So, choose a truth about God, a promise He makes about Himself, and be true to it. Write it down, or create a crafted prayer, that you refer back to.

Living (and rejoicing) in His promises, will build trust regarding the nature of God and will empower you to push back on the enemy and rise above any situation.