In this message, we’re engaged to reflect and change our lens. Instead of having expectations of difficulty and stress in areas we need to grow, Graham reveals how our expectation can shift as we behold the truth of the new man in Jesus correctly. 

What before seemed like inevitable hardships and difficulty can instead be traded for Jesus’s invitation to “find rest for our souls, because His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.”

Graham poses some freeing thoughts: 

  • What if God put you into Christ so that your first encounter is always with the one who has overcome the world? What if that was your primary expectation?
  • What if mindsets of expecting hardship and difficulty are from the old man, and the Holy Spirit has encounters for you that will reframe such thinking?


This message originates from letter 7 of Graham’s renowned book, The Nature of Freedom. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to get a copy, or download the audiobook, found here. 

Graham also created a video series on BTV based on the letters in this book. This one is titled “Freedom from Difficult Expectations”, found under the series “Get Unstuck and Live a Lifestyle of Encounter,” on BTV.


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