We all have hardships and challenges in our lives that sometimes threaten to overwhelm us.  Circumstances that, in the moment, seem so dire that we feel like they are going to swallow us whole.  It’s so easy to see circumstances only in the context of the difficulties they contain, but God sees the provisions that He has made available to us.


Everything that God is doing in your life is about your freedom. It is about your freedom, your release, your upgrade, and your blessing!


Every one of us has a breakthrough that has been assigned to us. God is out there, ahead, seeing our victory.  He is on your side and He has assigned blessing, favor, promise, and provision for every situation that you are encountering.


But the key is, you can only overcome a negative by replacing it with something better.  I have talked a lot over the last several weeks in this blog about the power of worship and rejoicing to help the inner man of your spirit overcome negative thinking and step into gratitude.


This is the beginning of what I mean when I talk about Thinking Brilliantly. When you “Think Brilliantly” you say, “I am just going to worship the Lord until I get a revelation of what I should do next, then I am going to move.” That is why rejoicing and thanksgiving is so critical because what are we rejoicing over? We are rejoicing that God is with us and He never leaves us!


You have Christ on the inside so we are not praying, “Holy Spirit, come”, we are thanking Him that He is here! We are proclaiming His presence. We are a people of proclamation. We are in the presence of God.


Our starting point should always be that we are a new creation in Christ. All the old is passed away. Everything has become new.


If you can believe that Beloved; and I mean really let that truth sink in and live in your heart; then you can begin to let go of your past and forgive yourself for your mistakes.  God has let those things go, and you must let them go also.  You can be a new creation; and Christ dwells within you.


We are a visual aid to everyone around us. They may not read their Bible, but they do read their Christians! We are a visual aid to the world so that they can touch Heaven. We are the physical, tangible evidence that God is brilliantly, incredibly, astonishingly full of goodness.


God is good. There is no higher truth and no better way to represent His glory than through goodness.


This time of year is full of so much consumerism and we find ourselves judging the difference between things that we want and things that we need.  But during this time Beloved, please remember to be devoted to goodness. Because a life devoted to goodness is a beautiful and true representation of the nature of God.


For Jesus’ sake, we must abound in goodness. We must be filled up with it and we must give it away at every opportunity.


Jesus didn’t endure the cross so that you could live below your inheritance, trapped in negativity and not live in goodness.  It is time to quit declaring who we are not. Declare who you are in Jesus – that is what brilliant thinking is all about!


This is your moment to rise up and overcome.



Think bigger and look beyond your circumstances. There is new territory out there, and your inheritance is within reach!

Walk with Jesus in such a glorious way that your identity rises up and becomes greater than anything coming against you.

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