If I was paid every time someone asked me what God’s will was for this or that, I would be rich enough to never work again.

What is the will of God?

What is God saying about this?

I don’t know what God wants me to do…

These are questions and concerns that seem to roll around the minds of countless Christians.

When pressed on the issue, three simple realities always come to mind.

The will of God is first relational.

At the core of these popular questions is a relational issue.

Guidance is the by-product of abiding in a right relationship with God. As we abide, we become sensitive to His heart.

Abiding requires a simple turning and yielding of our hearts throughout the day—remaining joyful and thankful, and seeing all of life through the eyes of God’s goodness. Staying, being still, remaining, consciously indwelling and being a partaker of Christ within—these are the realities of abiding. We must bask in His love, living every day under His smile. We must live as much-loved children, learning to become more confident and mature sons and daughters.

God always wants us to move forward.

Everything in Christ is “yes and amen” (2 Corinthians 1:20). Therefore, the Lord does not have to speak all the time about everything.

The Father takes responsibility for the light turning amber, wait; or red, meaning stop. Yes, no, and wait are the main directives. Yes is always priority.

Let me say it again. We always have a green light — everything is yes!

We never have to ask for a word of guidance again.

As long as our priority is relationship, God is a master at letting us know what His will is.

We need to be aware of the times when He takes away our peace or allows us to be confused or uncertain. Perhaps we are sensing that this is not the right time to proceed. Maybe God wants something for us eventually, but not immediately. Maybe we need to be further prepared.

God absolutely loves us, and has ways of communicating these things to us. He will never let us walk in darkness. When we give ourselves to a full relationship with Him, His will becomes crystal clear.

Instead, it will flow to us out of the largeness of His love for us.


PS) Want to learn more about trusting in God’s will? The Faith Series is a great resource for living a “permission granted” life.