Many people live as though God is incredibly impatient—fearing the worst if they were to hear how He felt towards them in their process.

But what if He is not only unbelievably patient, but is actually delighted in you and your process—no matter how long you may take?

His patience is a byproduct of His delight in you.

He is looking at Jesus in you and smiling. He is looking at your new nature! He is patient with you as you explore this new nature in Christ, and continue to realize what you already have in Him.

The key to your growth is exploring His delight in you as a new creation.

When you live from your new nature in Christ, you are living in His delight. He is perfectly pleased with Jesus, and Jesus is in you. Freedom becomes your new norm. You are now able to experience accelerated growth in areas where you have previously felt stuck.

This very process of growth is actually why I wrote my last book. In it, I share a series of “letters from God” allowing us to hear how passionate He is about our freedom.

If interested, meditate on these words today as if He was writing them to you:

Because you have been raised to newness of life, all Our focus with you becomes the new man. We will only deal with the real you in Christ. This is so exciting for Me!

I want you to be free. I want you to experience our delight in you so that you may be delighted in us.

I want your peace to be as huge as Mine. I want your rest to be as dominant as Mine. I desire that the enormous depths of love that I have for My Son should become your lifestyle in Him. I have set My heart on you encountering the laughter of Heaven as your earthly normal. As a new creation I want you to have all the experiences with Me that Jesus was dying to give you!

New things are coming to you and they all originate in Me and come to you through the person of My Son. Your freedom is My passion. Your upgrade is My delight.

May you find yourself today in His delight!


PS) There’s plenty more of these “letters” in The Nature of Freedom. Learn more of download a free chapter of it today!