When you think about yourself, what do you think about? What do you see? Do you see someone who is valued, growing and overcoming? Or do you see every fault, every flaw, and every area where you are lacking?


The idea that you are not able to be used by God or succeed in a certain area because there are things about you that need to be fixed is actually a common mindset. But that mindset isn’t one that God has. When Jesus died on the cross, so did your flaws, your lack and your excuses.


When you choose to focus on your shortcomings, you are talking in a language in which God cannot respond. You are wanting Him to fix something that is literally not longer there. He doesn’t see them because, when He put you into Jesus, all He can see is His beloved Son. This means that God fully expects that your experience as a New Man on earth is to be just as empowered as Jesus was.


You cannot allow a focus on your lack of capacity to be greater than God’s grace. When you adopt the mind of Christ, you’ll begin to understand and see things the way Jesus does. You’ll stop working as a filter for what God cannot do, and start filtering your abilities through His grace.


He is 100% committed to seeing Jesus reflected in your life. Are you ready to take your current situation and exchange it for His reality?

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