God’s nature shapes who we are in the Spirit. For example, His kindness and generosity have led me into a deeper place of faith and radical giving.

I remember the time 16 years ago when the Lord said to me, “I’m going to be relentlessly kind to you in such a way that your own personality will change shape and you will become like the kindness of God to people around you.”

I’ve discovered about God that whatever He is, He is relentlessly.

He is relentless in His goodness.

He is relentless in His kindness.

He is relentless towards us in His love.

He is relentless in His joy.

He is relentless against the enemy.

He is relentless in His holiness.

Whatever God is, He is consistently and relentlessly and unchangingly.

It’s this relentlessness that gives us a platform of security for ourselves, for our lives, for our relationship with the Lord. It gives us the courage to be relentless in our lives, as well.

So, let’s be relentless back. Ask and keep on asking. Knock and keep on knocking. Expect the answer to come through the doorway of your open awareness of God. Seek and keep on seeking because God is relentlessly faithful.

PS) For more info on this, feel free to explore The Way of the Warrior. I think you’ll find it helpful in allowing the character of God to shape you.