When God created mankind, He gave the greatest gift possible. He gave us our freedom.

While God is absolutely in charge, He has no desire to be in control.

Freedom is of the highest value to God. His passion was for a people who were free to choose Him…or not.

He knew that giving us that freedom to choose would mean that some people wouldn’t choose Him, but it was a cost worth paying. The potential to have men and women, made in His image that He could walk and talk with freely was His greatest dream.

God invites us into His loving lifestyle for the joy of traveling with us through all of our life’s circumstances. He revels in the joy of being in charge of our process of redemption.

Far too often, the unfortunate history of our lives has given us an image of God that is not accurate. We have made Him into our image, instead of realizing that He is intent on making us into His.

That is God’s primary purpose: to make us to be like Him.

The Nature of Freedom is God’s true nature. When we understand the finished work of the cross and how it impacts our perceptions and thinking, we are forever transformed.

Do you believe what God believes about who you really are in Him?


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