We are joined on today’s podcast by Brilliant Life coaches, Theresa Cooke and Jenny Taylor! In this extended interview, we’re talking all about why our behavior doesn’t earn us anything with God … and why it’s one of the most freeing truths that we’ll ever encounter.

1. God has given us a beautiful starting place.

Between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, [there is] this beautiful triangle that we get to live in the middle of. This is our placement. This is always our starting place. This then becomes the place where our confidence comes from. Because when you learn how to live in placement as a truth, and when you learn to go straight into that place that the Father gave you [when you’re feeling those negatives], all of your needs will be met.


2. Negatives are indicators that it’s time for something new.

God is never going to talk to us through a lens of guilt, or shame, or disappointment. When we start feeling that way, those really are indicators that you’ve outgrown the old you and you have permission to grow up into something new. We’re constantly growing and evolving and developing. So that’s why it’s really key when we feel this way. It might be true that you feel that way, but the truth is, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”


3. What we behold, we become.

If walking with God is hard, it’s only because you have not yet experienced the incomparable love of Jesus that ruins you for anything less than the fulness of His love. Because once you’ve experienced that, you can never settle for less […]. And you can also identify the counterfeits to it immediately, because they don’t measure up.


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