God promises us many things on this journey with Him. Certainty is not one of them.

He actually creates scenarios that cause us to overcome uncertainty, learn faith and discover His favor.

When God plots the course of our journey, any “problem” will be accompanied by a possibility.

Rather than allow uncertainty to distract us, we must focus upon the positive and what our favor is opening up for us. This actually causes the uncertainty disappear. That’s the genius of a walk beside the Spirit; He’s the greatest guide we’ll ever know.

It’s the overcoming of uncertainty, the totems of fear and doubt, that shape us.

There are no short cuts, and if there were, we’d be fools to consider taking them. All that’s required of us is that we continue moving forward and hold onto the primary goal in our journey, that we become more and more like Christ.

As we journey, we are drawing the map of our lives. And by engaging with God’s favor, every problem will come with a solution. It may not be the solution we immediately feel is required, but the art of thinking brilliantly lies in moving past our conventional wisdom to see things as God sees them.

Yes, it can be uncertain at times, but this is a brilliant journey. There are sights to be seen and wonders to be experienced. Plus, what’s an adventure without challenges, anyway?

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