All of us have been shaped by somebody else’s perception. Sometimes these ideas even humiliated or traumatized us. Unfortunately, they can stay with us and hold us back from seeing ourselves the way God does.

These kind of misconceptions need to be removed because they have no place in the measure of His grace and truth towards us!

Jesus has this way of speaking the truth in such love, that it calls us up to a higher place of relationship with God.

It makes us want to be better just by listening to Him because He came to give us grace upon grace. This is the type of relationship I want to see you develop with Jesus!

Beloved, you owe it to yourself and the world around you to understand God’s perception of you.

We have to see ourselves how He sees us! The Greatest Person in the universe sees you in the best possible way, and we must become intimately acquainted with these thoughts. We need to know this type of grace because when you experience it, it breaks all misconceptions and causes you to grow up on the inside.

If interested in experiencing His grace today, watch the short video above.

PS) This is clip from a much longer series I did called Radical Permission, in which I explore the wealth of grace and majesty we have been freely given in Jesus. You can view the whole series on Brilliant TV (free 7 day trial), or you can purchase the audio series at Brilliant Book House!