(This is an intro video to It’s Over! Something Got Finished Before You Got Started, a new devotional series, I’m starting February 2nd, on Brilliant TV.  Together, we will unpack the revelations in my book, The Nature of Freedom, and you will gain devotional tools to discover how the Holy Spirit wants you to experience more freedom.)

Our life with God is meant to be a relational exchange of the truth that sets us free.

He wants to empower us to live the life He promised, as freedom is His greatest gift.  After all, it is for freedom’s sake that He has set us free.

Our plan in these episodes is to give you a Fresh Lens, New Mindset, and Upgraded Language about the power of your own personal freedom in Jesus.

I’m expecting you to have new encounters and experiences with the Lord in how He sees, thinks, and feels about you.  I’m quite sure you will discover a deeper relationship with Jesus that you have never had before.

For the next steps in discovering how free we really are in Him, watch the video above.

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