One person with God is always in the majority.  This statement is foreign to our democratically-tuned minds, but it is true.

One person with God, has all of the power and authority.

When things are tough, who would you rather be in friendship with; a thousand people who can’t defeat one, or one who can defeat a thousand?

Who do you want standing next to you when everything goes pear-shaped?  I want to stand next to my keeper—my best friend, the person who gave Himself for me, the one who wants me to succeed, the God whose joy it is for me to go further than I ever thought possible.

We cannot build a church without covenant friendships with God and man.  We must drop the morality of the world and go for something deeper, better, and more profound in our relationships.

When we accept God as our keeper, we no longer have to pray, “Lord, come to me,” because He will have discovered us to be a people who He can’t stay away from. God cannot deny Himself.

When He sees people living together in unity, He cannot stay away.  Acts 1:14 tells us that the disciples were in “one accord” when the Holy Spirit blew into the Upper Room and changed the world.

Everything in God longs to be amongst a people of one accord.

If we truly intend to rise up and be the Church God has called us to be, we will face persecution and opposition.  God loves those hurdles.  He loves to stand with us on the battlefield and be totally present in majesty.

He laughs in the face of His enemies.  He is so secure in His sovereignty and knows that this is a hugely important lesson for us to learn…that we become secure in who He is in Himself, towards us.

One with God is always in the majority.  It’s a lesson of God’s keeping power that we would be wise to remember and learn.

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