Many of us are beginning to realize that there is so much more to this life with God than we’ve experienced.  A hunger is rising from the life of Jesus inside of us for greater encounters; a longing for life that’s heaven-to-earth focused and not the other way around.


We’re drawn towards a journey that moves beyond the logical, rational, natural world and into something we’ve never seen, never heard and never touched before.


We’re taking God up on His permission to come boldly before the throne of grace so we can learn and know what it is to be heavenly minded.  Beloved, the more heavenly minded you are, the more we share His divine perspective, the more powerful the expression of your life on earth will be.


What could we encounter on that kind of a journey with God?  Sure, we may have to allow our hearts to be enlarged and our thinking to be seriously stretched.  There will be times we have to give up what feels familiar to receive something extraordinarily good in exchange.


The key to stepping into this kind of heaven-to-earth lifestyle is really all about the depths of fellowship and friendship.


God is looking for people who are willing to give up everything ordinary for a lifestyle of intimacy with Him; a people whose love for God joyfully comes first.  He’s pursuing a people who are growing and continually upgrading in their worship before the Lord.  A people who understand that worship comes from an engagement with their heart and His.


So, what steps do you want to take to deepen your worship, intimacy and love for the One who gave everything to open up the heavens, so you could be seated close to Him?

What places of settling for life, as you’ve known it, are you willing to abandon so you can step into something new with Him?


The easiest place to start is practicing rest and rejoicing.


Relax yourself in His presence.  Be still.


Receive His affection, His kindness, His unchanging love for you.  Let it wash over you.  If we want to lavish God with love, we need to receive it first (1 John 4:1).  He loves to go first.


Then, start ministering to His heart.


Take time to let everything else fade into the background as you position yourself before him and pour out the extravagant worship He so richly deserves.


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