This week we begin diving into the series “What the Cross Means for You and Me,” a continuation of the Nature of Freedom collection on Brilliant TV.

This Blog article, as with the last handful of our articles, is based around Graham’s landmark book, “The Nature of Freedom.”

Today we begin our next devotional series from The Nature of Freedom, “What the Cross Means for You and Me,” and I’m so delighted.

The idea with these article segments from the series is to allow you to consider one key truth for several days, before moving on to the next one.

They are meant to become a unique and powerful time of devotion with God that will empower your heart and your mind throughout the day.

This isn’t a “study” series but a time of being at peace in the presence of God and allowing His love and passion for you to rise up and renew your heart and mind.

Listen to what He wrote to you in this excerpt from the second letter of The Nature of Freedom:

Beloved, We abide with you in both the present and the future. Our intention is to teach and develop you to live in Us now!

All your life circumstances, all of them, no matter how hard, grievous or oppositional can be turned around for your good and for your growth in Us. We do not cause these painful moments. Some of them happen because of choices by yourself or people around you. Others come from issues affecting your nation, city, and place of work.

The number of things that can cause health issues are huge. We control none of these things. However, We do take charge as you lean into Us and practice your identity in Jesus.

In every situation there are two conditions for you to fulfill as We walk you through life.

Firstly, that you practice your love for Us in allowing Us to make you in Our image. That is, learn to stand with Us as We make adjustments to your character, thinking, lifestyle and trust.

Secondly, that you interpret your current situation in the light of your calling and Our purpose for you in the Kingdom. To overcome evil with good, you must see goodness as a high calling and you must train for it in all the circumstances in life.

Think about that… think about the freedom that we experience when every, single circumstance, every situation that presents itself is an opportunity for us to encounter the goodness of God.

It doesn’t mean that what’s happening is always good. But that God wants to come to you in those times and say,

“Here’s My goodness, here’s My peace, Here’s My kindness…whatever it is that you need… here’s My gift for you. No matter what you face, I am always here, in your present; with a present. And every gift I bring, is wrapped in self-control, because you’re going to need that.”

As we talked about in the Fruit of the Spirit mentoring series on Brilliant TV, self-control is like the crossing guard who stops the traffic of negativity.

If you haven’t watched that episode yet, or want to revisit it, it’s a good idea to listen to it again in light of this Letter from God.

When fear rises, Self-Control joyfully rises from inside of us, puts its hand out and says, “Stop right there. There is no fear in perfect love. So fear… you stay there. And Perfect Love? You come right on through.”

Self-Control is a wonderful part of the nature of God that keeps us from being out of control. It creates stillness that allows us to hear Him saying, “Take a deep breath. Be at peace. Fear not.”

It gives us a Selah moment where we can be still and come into a greater awareness that He is God.

God comes to us and gently says,

“How about you let Me hold the ‘why’ question. Trust Me to hold on to that for you, because it will distract you from what I want to give you. My gift is better than understanding all the details in an attempt to find peace. My peace passes your understanding. It will elevate you to a place of stillness, rest and confidence where you’ll know I am God… and can be trusted to be in charge of walking through this with you.”

When we step back into our spirits, instead of rushing headlong into negative emotions and speculations, we’re able to stand with Him and say, “I see that negative wanting to take control and I stand with You, Jesus, and say, ‘No!’ I know that You are in charge here. I know that Your Goodness is always present. I am leaning into You, not on my own understanding, confident that you will direct my path through this.”

As you walk through today and tomorrow, or however long you want to remain in this devotional, pay attention to where the Holy Spirit wants to step into your life, put up His hand to stop a negative reaction and open the path to a peace-filled response to God.

And then see yourself standing with Him 😇

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There’s a lot more to this series, “What the Cross Means for You and Me” which you can find on here on Brilliant TV.

Also, you can find the book that this series was based on in our Store: The Nature of Freedom.”