Grace is the most radical freedom ever bestowed in the history of mankind. It carries with it an authorization for you to be made in the image of God by receiving and responding to His presence.

As we focus on Him and the gift of His presence, we become different because everything that God shows us, He then empowers us to become.

Grace is literally the gift to become what God sees and knows about us in Christ. It enables us to become His perception of us.

The truth of who Jesus is both in us and for us becomes ours by receiving this gift of empowerment. When He opens up a new truth for us, He then causes us to inherit it.

He loves to open up new territory to explore, filled with the gifts and provisions of His kind intentions towards us. God’s passion for our exploration fuels our momentum, so that we want to discover and receive everything available to us in this new space.

Beloved, we are free to become whoever God says we are.

Grace means that God has a very high opinion of us in Jesus and then empowers us to make that opinion our standard for how we see ourselves.

Think about Paul’s words in Romans 12:3:

Through the grace given to me, I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think.


God wants us to have a really high opinion of ourselves.

He has given us a measure of faith so that we can have a brilliant perspective of who we are in Him.

We don’t need to live in fear of presumption, because He will let us know when that happens (Isaiah 30:21). When we cultivate a lifestyle of sensitivity to His ways, we know when we’ve stepped beyond His permissions. We either feel His hand gently helping us take a step back; or in His grace, He may choose to extend our territory.

Either way, we no longer have to cut down our opinion of ourselves. Our role is to think as brilliantly about who we are in Christ as He does, confident that if we get ridiculous about it, He’ll let us know.

His grace gives us space and freedom to become who He sees us to be. It gives us the power to partner with Him in discovering our true identity in Christ so that we’re not laboring in vain.

Grace is God’s empowering presence that enables us to encounter the truth of who He really is and who we really are.

When we see Him and ourselves as He does, transformation begins to occur (2 Corinthians 3:18). Grace gives us this astonishing permission to stand in a place of incredible power so that His truth can become a dominant, influential reality over our life and all our circumstances.

The reality is: we’re saturated in grace, and there is no better way to live than to be totally soaked in this beautiful, wonderful permission to become like Jesus. Grace makes us who we are.

So enjoy exploring grace and we hope to hear of the discoveries you make.

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