I remember when the Lord was teaching me about grace for a season of my life. Over a period of two or three years, I learned the ultimate lesson when He said,

“Graham, I want you to get to a point where there is no such thing as a good situation or a bad one. There are no good days or bad days, just days of grace.”

When we live in the new man, we no longer have to see our days in terms of good or bad. Everything is filled with the grace of God because we are living in Jesus. Neither our circumstances nor our actions determine the amount of grace we receive.

We simply receive His grace because we are in Christ.

This changes our outlook on life and takes the pressure off ourselves, because His grace is constantly empowering us no matter what the day brings.

Living in Jesus as a new creation means we live an empowered life.

If you are hungry to experience the grace of God in a new and fresh way today, meditate on this “letter from God.” I think you will find new freedom as you constantly live in grace.

Grace can never be separated from My primary purpose, which is Sonship for you. I want sons and daughters, and grace is My chosen means of creating relationship with you. It is the place where you see, know and feel the kind intentions that are huge in My affection for you. Beloved, if grace has not yet become glorious to you it is a sign that you have something immense and precious to discover in our relationship together.

Grace is tied to My own nature and to My desired relationship with you. For that reason grace can never be undeserved favor. I do not give you grace because of who you are or your performance as a Christian. I give you grace because of who I AM and because Jesus lives in you! I give you grace because of Him. He is the new man in you teaching and demonstrating Our relationship together in you.

Grace as undeserved favor is the smallest, weakest, least effective expression of Our nature in you. If grace is undeserved favor then either Jesus never had any or if He did, then He must have done something wrong to be given that type of grace, which would disqualify Him from being your savior!

Grace is My empowering presence within you that enables you to become the person that I see when I look at you.

Beloved, I can only see Jesus in you and you in Him. This is so exciting for Me. I absolutely love the fact that every time I look at you I see Him. When you are doing well and learning properly I see Him. When you are doing badly and learning, I still see Him and I respond to Him in you! That is a grace that is rich towards you.

I would love to hear how you are experiencing His grace in the comments below.

May we only have days filled with His grace!


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